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Supporting College Students & Sustainable Family Farms
About Us
Edgar Cayce Products
Organic Detoxified Liquid Iodine  Natural Thyroid Support Vintage Karma Cleanse Tiaga Extract White Russian Massage Oil Herbal Pharmacy

NEW larger 9/16 oz ~ 16 ml glass bottle style and new pricing! Fall 2014
Edgar Cayce Karma Cleanse
NEWS: Are you getting enough iodine?
Cerebral Palsy related conditions helped by Iodine
Natural Thyroid Support
our organic detoxified iodine with new label
New Fall 2014 pricing!
NEW Vintage Karma Cleanse (original recipe)
How does Karma Cleanse cleanse your karma?
Desert Parsley / Lomatium Isolate Arthritis Massage Oil
NEW 2 oz travel size (4 oz too)! Summer 2014
2014 What's New!
New formulas enriched ozonated oils
Sheep Hot Water Bottles Organic Ozonated Castor Oil Ozonated Castor Oil for Eyes NEW!!!  2014  Eye Doctor's Professional Ozonated Castor Oil
Organic Ozonated Castor Oil Pack
How to use a castor oil pack for benign breast cysts
Eye Exercises for Pterigiums and Cataracts Dr. Julio Arroyo O.D. recommended for eye care
Cold Pressed Ozonated Olive Oil NEW Helichrysum Essential Oil  available in ozonated olive oil
No Mess Castor Oil Packs for eyes, cysts, & other small places Pine Needle Oil Hydrosols alcohol free! Lion Mane Hydrosol alcohol free! and Shaggy Mane Mushroom No Rash Desert Parsley
Lomatium Dissectum Isolate
Intensely Lavender Essential Oil

NEW!!! July 30th
Pine Needle Oil Hydrosols - Fresh steam distilled - alcohol free!
Idaho Blue Spruce Pine Needle and Lodgepole Pine Needle Oil Hydrosols and Tea

NEW!!! Sept 15th
Lion's Mane Hydrosols - Fresh steam distilled - alcohol free!

Shaggy Mane Mushroom Tincture

Desert Parsley
Fresh steam distilled - alcohol free Lomatium Dissectum
Learn more...

Coming soon... Whole Desert Parsley - our fresh steam distilled Lomatium Dissectum Isolate, with 5% tincture

NEW!!! February 7th, 2014
Intensely Lavender Essential Oil from Sustainable family farms near the Hoh Rainforest
NEW!!! February 9th
Small 3 x 4 No Mess Castor Oil Packs made of American Merino Wool
By customer request, we have added small No Mess Castor Oil packs for eyes, cysts, and other small places.
Made fo baby soft American Merino wool, for sensitive areas such as eyes.

In life it's important to find your own natural alternative path . . .  to well being.

We at are concerned with your health and well being and would like to assist you.
We have found organic detox products that we are very excited about presenting. 
Supporting College Students and Sustainable Family Farms near the Hoh Rainforest is an environment where college students can make a difference in their own lives while supportingĀ sustainable family farms & cottage businesses, by creating and selling Lavender products and other health and skin care products.
Profits go to supporting participating student's college funds through work study and social media involvement.

If you are a college student, or parent who want to get involved, check out our parent site -
Edgar Cayce Radial Device
Ozone Generator
O3 Technology Vortex Model SST1 Ozone Generator
O3 Technology Vortex Model SST1
Ozone Generator
We use Certified Organic Castor Oil!!!
We use Certified Organic Castor Oil to make our Ozonated Castor Oil!
Certified Organic Castor Oil
This Certified Organic Castor oil is safe for internal use.
Why don't we put it on our labels?
Because in order to claim the use of the word certified companies have to pay big money. Once we take it out of the gallon jug, and put it into smaller containers, we cannot use the word certified on the label.
Oh well. We are just a small business, buying from American companies. We just thought you' like to know that we are still have conscious discipline about our selection of quality ingredients.

Please visit our new blog for a photo of this label close up

New!!! Descriptive Label
Organic Detoxified Iodine with a helpful new label, for customers who like the description of what it is so good for! Natural Thyroid Support.

We love our new heftier bottles!

They are 16 ml (up from 15 ml)

Herbal Pharmacy
2013 What's New in Herbs!
Fairly Traded in the USA!!!
What does this mean to do Fair Trade in the USA?
We are a small business here isn the USA, and we support other small and medium sized American businesses by getting our ingredients and supplies from them, at the price that they want to sell them for.
  • no bargaining
  • no hassles
  • no undercutting
Just conscious dicipline and integrity.
No Mess Castor Oil packs in 3 sizes
Castor Oil Wraps for benign breast cysts, baker's cysts, cysts, sprains, neck, golfer's elbow, tennis elbow and more...
Sheep Hot Water bottle LARGE No Mess Castor Oil pack in 9" x 12" wool 4 layers thick
2 oz Ozonated Castor Oil Glass bottle
NEW!!! For 2 oz orders, we are sending GLASS bottles where the Summer weather is HOT!
4 oz glass amber bottle with pump (4 oz size only) 2 oz or 4 oz amber glass bottle with pump ( 2 oz for travel size)
We love Trader Joes!
I went to college at UCLA, and there I grew up with Trader Joes.
I love Trader Joes because they were just these two guys out finding interesting wines and cheese to import, to sell at their store in Pasadena.
  • No big marketing schemes
  • No sales
  • No coupons
John and I want to do the same by our customers. Just simple real people with a small cottage business, working with other cottage businesses down home here in the USA : )