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  Edgar Cayce Radial Device
(Uses healing radio frequencies)
This device emits radio waves similar to your AM/FM radio. The frequency range that this Radial Frequency Device emits are found to be very healing.
I've talked a lot about this device with my friend Phil over the years and probably this device has been selling as many units as the rest of the builders combined and without any advertising, marketing, or formal endorsement from any of the official bodies. This is the concept Phil started out with when he first met Lestor Babcoke (his early mentor) back around 1980. It's also what he considers the kind of the guts of the whole persona to anybody into this stuff.
The Radial Device is one of the only apparatuses which Edgar Cayce recommends for everyone.
Interestingly enough it's also the only apparatus which you can't share with someone else. It adapts itself internally to the natural frequencies of your body.
I could drone on and on about the Radial as Phil does to some extent in his book, but this is one of those concepts most people are not quite up to speed with. What do I mean by that? Well, this is an idea which obsvicates virtually all of the programming we've had about health and illness since day one. By that I mean it doesn't do anything to you. Rather it enhances the bodies own natural ability to balance its own overall energy patterns which Edgar Cayce connotated with blood pressure and pulse rate.
Many people report that this Radial Frequency Device:
  • improves quality of sleep
  • reduces stress levels
  • enhances emotional stability
  • increases serenity
  • elevating consciousness
     Required before use: You must be in a meditiative, restful, or sleep state for this device to be beneficial.
Warning: Will not work while agitatied, while watching TV, while using gaming devices, while listening to radio, or while contemplating daily activities. Also will not work in a noisy environment...etc.
It is the most powerful tool I know of for raising consciousness and quite possibly still several more decades ahead of its time. We literally have to go back to the days of Ra Ta to pick up on the window of awareness which opens up with this particular idea. Need I say less? I'm not even sure if I'm ready for that.
Our single price levels the field for individuals, practitioners, and health stores alike. You may place your order below using the appropriate table depending on your location.
  Order Total with shipping  Send check or money order to:
The Radial Device - $300 each
 Shipping $8.95 per radial device
$308.95 each ship to location in USA
The Radial Device - $300 each
 Shipping $14.95 per radial device    
$314.95 each to Canada or Mexico
The Radial Device - $300 each
 Shipping $22.95 per radial device    
$322.95 each to other international locations
Save Now!!! (** no sales tax)   is owned by Icon Too LLC - in Lake Oswego, Oregon **(Oregon is a no sales tax state)
Order By Check or Money Order: Send check or money order to:

Make checks payable to Icon Too
Icon Too 
c/o John Sunde
41 Hamilton Avenue, Brentwood, NY   11717  
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