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Professional Organic Ozonated Castor Oil for Eye Doctors and other Healthcare professionals
Designed for Eye Doctors

Opthamologists have been using our Organic Ozonated Castor Oil with great success.

Dr. Julio Arroyo, O.D. researched the effectiveness of ozonated castor oil, and   presented his findings at the 2014 Conference in Chicago this spring.

We are now introducing for purchase, our professional line of Organic Oznated Castor Oil.  These bottles are designed to include your professional information on the label.

Castor Oil for treatment for various eye conditions have been recommended by:

  • Dr. Julio Arroyo O.D.
  • Dr. Carolyn Dean, M.D. N.D.
  • Department of Ophthalmology, Tokyo Dental College, Chiba, Japan
  • Dr. Norman Shealy M.D.
  • Dr. Cheryl Lynn Bergin, O.D. St. Louis
  • Dr. William McGarey M.D.
  • Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D. (for treatment of Chronic infections)

Specific uses for castor oil for eyes one or more of the listed doctors above include:

  • Treatment of Dry Eye condition
  • Noninflamed Obstructive Meibomian Gland Dysfunction
  • Cataracts: (long term use with daily treatment)
  • Chronic infections
  • Lyme's Disease
  • Fungal infections
  • ... more coming ... References available upon request

Scientifically Advanced
Organic Ozonated Castor Oil
$19.50 per bottle
$48.75 per THREE bottles

Scientifically Advanced

The Ozonation process that we use is a slow monitored process over a period of 2 weeks. In addition, the Ozonated Castor Oil is Energy Enhanced to harmonized for the natural human body's vibration.

Our Cold Pressed Organic Ozonated Castor Oil, is not heated, thus retaining the beneficial constitutents of the organic castor oil.

The Ozonation process eradicates harmful contaminants, as patented by Nicola Tesla many years ago. The ozonation process amplifies the benefits of the castor oil as a healing agent.

The Ozonated Castor Oil is stronger and more effective than regular castor oil. Please note, that it assists in bringing oxygen to the cells, and thus it will slightly sting for a few seconds to less than a minute. Some patients are more concerned about the benefits, and tolerate this well.

  Organic Ozonated Castor Oil Lite 10% Strength for Sensitive Eyes
 Organic Castor Oil Lite
$19.50 per bottle
$48.75 per THREE bottles
For other Healthcare professionals, please contact us for custom labels for your practice.
For patients who are reticient about trying the Organic Ozonated Castor Oil, or for other reasons, you might want to offer  Organic Castor Oil Lite,  for sensitive eyes.
Our Lite version is 10% strength compared to our Organic Ozonated Castor Oil - 100% strength in the amber bottle. 
What this means is that is has only 10% of the advanced active ozonation, yet is still more stable and effective than the plain Cold Pressed Orgainc Castor Oil.
It also has a longer shelf life than Organic Castor Oil.
Please keep this product in a cool place or in a refrigerator to lengthen its shelf life and freshness.
 Directions for use of Organic Ozonated Castor Oil or Organic Ozonated Castor Oil Lite
  1. The best time to apply to eyes, is at bed time.
  2. Administer a small drop at the inside corner of each eye
  3. Note: You will feel a slight stinging or burning sensation, as the active ingredients contact the eye membrane.
    • The stinging is less with the Organic Ozonated Castor Oil Lite, as it is 10% strength.
    • The stinging occurs when the eyes are open. If the stinging is bothersome, close both eyes for several minutes, or if administered right before bed time, keep eyes closed and go to sleep.
    • Night time treatment for many people is sufficient.
    • Optionally, a repeat treatment can be administered in the morning upon waking.
      1. Administer a small drop at the inside corner of each eye.
      2. Close eyes for a few minutes until the stinging dissipates.
      3. Wipe off any excess oil upon rising.
    • If it persists, wipe out the excess and go to see a doctor, as you may have an eye infection that requires a prescription medication
    • If you are find the stinging to be too strong, ask your doctor if you can switch to the Organic Ozonated Castor Oil Lite, or wipe more excess oil from your eyes, and keep them closed longer.
    • If you are using the Organic Castor Oil Lite, and it is not effective, your may need to switch to the stronger formulation Organic Ozonated Castor Oil (full strength)
  Organic Australian Melaleuca Demodex Treatment
Available for early adoption by healthcare professionals.
Demodex is a type of mite which sometimes infects the eyes.
There is solid research papers in the National Library of Medicine on the subject of Demodex and Blepharitis
which shows promising results, using ingredients in this formulation.
There are other very expensive treatment protocols available.  What we are offering here is a Functional Medicine approach to the treament of Demodex Blepharitis.
This eye condition requires the care of an experienced eye doctor.
If you are an eye doctor, or have an eye doctor that you work with, and are interested in purchasing Organic Australian Melaleuca Demodex Treatment from us, please contact us  or Dr. Julio Arroyo O.D.
As with our above products, please send us your website or  logo and information, for custom labels for any of the products on this page.
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Ozonated Oils
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