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Cold Pressed Ozonated Olive Oil

NEWS!!! Tuesday, March 26, 2019: coming in December 2013, we are offering Helichrysum Essential Oil in our Cold Pressed Organic Ozonated Olive Oil!
Some of our customers use our Ozonated Olive Oil as a base oil with various essential oils.
The ozonated olive oil is an excellent carrier oil, as the ozonation expemplfies the properties of the Essential Oils that are mixed with it, so you need less of the essential oil to be effective.

We are taking orders now to be sent the first week of December : )

What is Cold Pressed Ozonated Olive Oil?

Cold Pressed Ozonated Olive Oil is a made of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from Spain.  Cold Pressed Ozonated Olive Oil have been sought after for it's benefits for many skin conditions.
  • Embodies and intensifies the benefits of regular Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • Antibacterial and anti-viral
  • Diaper rash and other rashes
  • Parasites
  • Its thicker form allows you to apply it without running or dripping like regular Olive Oil.
  • Is conentrated using the powerfully healing ozonation process.
  • Allows a little to go a long way (less is needed)
  • Allows the healing properties of Olive Oil and Oxygen molecules combined to accelerate the healing process.
  • Has become known as a major component in the fight against Lyme Disease and co-infections when blended with Ozonated Castor Oil.
  • Benefical in the treatment of fungal infections including Athlete's Foot
  • Skin conditions such as Eczema, dermatitis,acne, rashes, other chronic skin conditions.
US orders
$34  per
4 oz bottle
shipping $ 5
O3 Ozonated Olive Oil
Canada/Mexico orders
$34  per
4 oz bottle
(124.2 ml)
shipping: $9.25
receding gums
$34 USD per
4 oz bottle
(124.2  ml)

shipping: $17
Bleeding Gums
2 oz travel sized bottles with pump also available!

Three pack for $78 ($26 per bottle) in Frosted Glass or plastic

Purchase 3 bottles for $78 which comes to $26 per bottle.
US orders
3 pack $78   ($26/bottle)
Three 4.2 oz bottles
(12.6 oz total)
shipping $ 5.70
Canada/Mexico orders
 3 pack $78  ($26/bottle)
Three 4.2 oz bottles
(12.6 oz) (372.62 ml)
shipping: $5.95
3 pack $78 USD ($26/bottle)
Three 4.2 oz bottles
(372.62  ml)

shipping: $16.95
O3 Ozonated Olive Oil receding gums best ozonated olive oil
Ozonated Olive Oil has been regarded to have been beneficial in the treatment of:
  • Fistula
  • Leg ulcers
  • Bed sores
  • Bee stings
  • Insect bites
  • Psoriasis
  • Topical Yeast Infections
  • Acne, ringworm, and other skin problems
  • Scalp infections
  • Gingivitis
  • Herpes simplex
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Vulvovaginitis
  • Tinea versicolor (chronic fungal skin infection, caused by a yeast type skin fungus)
Ozonated Olive Oil is similar to ozonated castor oil.  We think that Edgar Cayce Ozonated Castor Oil is similar to but has more healing properties than Ozonated Olive Oil. Ozonated Olive oil is more popular because it is more well known. 
Ozonated Castor Oil is well regarded in Europe as it has the extra benefit of the legendary effectiveness of Castor Oil.
Our Hand crafted Cold Pressed Ozonated Olive Oil is an zonated Oil mad made in small batches in the USA to assure quality.
Ozonated Olive Oil  vs Ozonated Olive Oil Paste Review
The benefits of Ozonated Olive Oil is primarily for skin conditions. The advantage of any topical oil or lotion is that it is more bio-available to the skin. This is very important especially for babies and those with delicate skin. A paste is more protective of the skin in cold weather. It sits on top of the skin longer than an oil does.

For Ozonated Oils, the pastes have more ozone embedded into them than do the oils. There are many ozone therapies. More is not necessarily better. For both paste and Ozonated Oil, the ozone does absorb into the skin.
Ozonated Olive Oil
  • It is thinner thus allowing for easier penetration into the skin.
  • MoreMore bio available, especially for more delicate skin.
  • Our Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Ozonated Olive Oil is light enough to be used with foods, but still has the taste of ozonation.
  • Safer for kids and pets
Ozonated Olive Oil Paste
  • Much more dense
  • Contains more ozone
  • Smell of ozone is more pronounced.
  • Taste is worse than Ozonated Olive Oil

More is not always better> Dr. Greenberg, formerly of the Kief Clinic, has shown, in vitro, that at concentrations of 90 ug/ml there was crimping of red blood cells which was definitely harmful. Experiments by F. Sweet et al, have shown inhibition of growth in healthy cells at concentrations above 70 ug/ml. Levels are much higher in Ozonated Olive Oil Paste.
Using Ozonated Oils are safer as they stay below these levels.

History and Research on Ozone Generation and Ozonated Oil
Nicola Tesla invented ozonated oils for use by naturopaths, allopaths, and doctors
The ozone generator was patented by Nicola Tesla in 1896.
Nicola Tesla was a contemporary of Thomas Edison. Nicola Tesler began marketing Ozonated Olive Oil to medical doctors. He chose Olive Oil because of it's availabilty and high burn factor, not for any particular healing properties of Olive Oil.

Tesla ozonated a number of oils, including ones that were available in the Sears & Roebuck Catalog which included Euclyptus, Spermint and Pine Ozonated Oils.

Nicola Tesler was a world famous electrical genius, visionary and mystic with over 300 patents, including AC and wireless communication, ionized gases, cold plasma, and ozone generation for oxyen therapy. Nicola Tesla started the Tesla Ozone Company and sold to Naturopaths, Allopaths and Doctors, ozonated oils of various types.

(Please email us with requests for other types of ozonated oils)
In recent years, much research has been done in Europe on Ozonated Oils also called Rizoles, in particular Ozonated Castor Oil blended with Ozonated Olive Oil.

These oils are often used as base oils for essential oil use, as the ozonation exemplifes the properties of the essential oils. 

John has tested our Ozonated Olive Oil with many people in New York, and found that the best essential oil to use with our Ozonated Olive Oil is Helichysum and Rosewood.  With the properties of the Ozonated Olive Oil, very little Helichrysum is needed to achieve a good result.

We are offering this blend, of Ozonated Olive Oil with a homepathic proportion of Helichysum Essential Oil for you below.
  Order Online: Shipping & Handling Total with shipping creditcard or PayPal
Cold Pressed Ozonated Olive Oil - 4 oz (118.3 ml) Frosted Glass bottle $34 each    $5 per bottle $37.50 for one bottle     
Cold Pressed Ozonated Olive Oil - 4 oz Frosted Glass bottle (118.3 ml) $34 each $9.25 per bottle Canada $39.75 USD for one bottle
Cold Pressed Ozonated Olive Oil - 4 oz Frosted Glass bottle (118.3 ml) $34 each $17 per bottle international $43.50 USD for one bottle
Three-Pack Cold Pressed Ozonated Olive Oil (3) - Three 4 oz bottles (12 oz total) - $78 ($26 per bottle)
$9.25 per three pack $87.25 for three pack
Three-Pack Cold Pressed Ozonated Olive Oil (3) - Three 4 oz bottles (355 ml total) - $78 ($26 per bottle) $26 per three pack Canada $104 per three pack
Three-Pack Cold Pressed Ozonated Olive Oil (3) - Three 118.3 ml bottles (355 ml total) - $78 ($26 per bottle) $26 per three pack international $104 per three pack
Ozonated Olive Oil in Frosted glass 
$ 18.50 each

Single 2 oz bottle (59.15 ml)  
$3.50 $22 
$4.50  Canada/Mexico $23 USD
$8.50 international $27 USD
Helichrysum Essential Oil
 in Organic Ozonated Olive Oil
2 oz frosted glass bottle $23
Helichrysum Essential Oil in Ozonated Olive Oil $4.50  USA $28
$ 9 USD Canada $23.50 USD
Helichrysum Essential Oil in Ozonated Olive Oil $9.50 USD per bottle international $33 USD
(Natural Alternative Path  is owned by Icon Too LLC - in Lake Oswego, Oregon) (Oregon is a no sales tax state)
Order By Check or Money Order: Send check or money order to:
Make checks payable to Icon Too
note: West Coast and Pacific International orders will be shipped from Oregon.
East Coast and European orders will be shipped from New York.
Icon Too 
c/o John Sunde
41 Hamilton Avenue, Brentwood, NY   11717  
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